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We offer all types of investigative and protective services.

  • Executive Protection - Your safety is our priority. SDG offers experience and discretion when it matters the most.
  • Litigation Support - SDG performs investigative accounting, auditing and tax determinations. We can provide expert testimony or produce financial valuations in dispute situations.
  • Internal Investigations - SDG offers confidential and discreet surveillance as well as background and/or financial investigations of suspicious activities within an organization.
  • Background Investigations - Acquisition and compilation by SDG of an individualís criminal records and/or financial records (i.e., for the purposes of employment screening, pre-nuptial agreements, etc.).
  • Workers Compensation Investigations - SDG provides surveillance and evidence gathering to sustain or disprove industrial insurance claims.
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations - SDG investigates all types of matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt.
  • Personal Injury Investigations - SDG provides investigative services that may sustain or disprove a claim of personal injury.
  • Due Diligence Investigations - SDG can verify all information provided by a prospective business employee or associate to a firm through the use of background checks and database searches.
  • Criminal/Civil Investigations - SDG can initiate potential criminal/civil investigations and turn the investigation over to the appropriate jurisdiction at the proper time and continue to assist with whatever is necessary to reach a successful outcome.
  • Surveillance - SDG monitors the behavior, activities, or other requisite information of individuals in a discreet and surreptitious manner.
  • Consultation and Interview Services - SDG performs consultations to determine the appropriate course of action for a client and the best use of available resources. We also can conduct or assist in interviews of prospective witnesses, employees and business associates.
  • Process Service - SDG performs all types of process service at reasonable rates. We specialize in the hard to find serves.
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